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Amarok Double Cab

The Amarok is here to make a statement with its bigger, better features. The Amarok Double Cab provides ultimate functionality without compromising on comfort. Test drive one today.


Under the hood

The Amarok is ready to take on any challenge with its V6, 3.0 litre turbodiesel engine roaring at your command. The vehicle comes with an overboost function, injecting the engine with more power and increasing its overall performance for a brief period, giving you that extra bit of power. The Amarok also comes with a perfect combination of power in its lower gears and fuel efficiency in its higher gears, capable of matching the drivers needs whenever desired.

Tough has never looked better

The Amarok is notorious for its brute strength, however with a few changes to its interior the Amarok truly embodies a beauty at its core. The vehicle introduces a comfortable leather-covered multifunction steering wheel with paddles giving the driver full control of the vehicle and its entertainment system. The driver also has constant access to relevant information with the Amarok’s premium, colour multifunction display. With the introduction of Climatronic air-conditioning, the Amarok provides a comfortable experience for the driver and its passengers. The air-conditioning system constantly analyses the conditions and air quality with the purpose of providing a clean and comfortable environment.