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The Arteon

The new Arteon from Volkswagen is packed to the brim with intricate systems and features, creating a ground-breaking vehicle to take you places. Book a test drive today for a chance to experience something greater with the new Arteon.

On high alert

The new Arteon puts its driver and passengers first. Everything is considered to prepare for any outcome on the road. With the aid of a built in Blind Spot Monitor your perception will never be hindered, making changing lanes a breeze. Couple this with an Optical Parking System (OPS) and you’ll have a car that will revolutionise your way of driving. The new Arteon displays a full 360-degree view of the roads with Area View. Top of the line cameras make driving safe and easy with four cameras delivering real-time info. All features found on the touchscreen are smooth and responsive, making it a pleasure to use.

Easy on the eyes

Volkswagen has gone the extra mile to create an attractive car with pleasing features. Never has a car managed to encapsulate excitement in such an elegant way. Sheen gloss and incredible physical design all work together for the full package. This is apparent in all the available models, such as the Elegance TDI, and the TSI R-line.