The California 6.1 Where will your next adventure be?

Both at home, or away, the California 6.1 is the perfect travel and leisure camper van to allow you to make home, absolutely anywhere. Allow the California to wow you with the powerful engine, impecable interior fittings, state-of-the-art infotainment and driver assist systems as well as the innovative WeConnect Go. Everything about this vehicle is ready to help you adventure, in style.

The gorgeous interior of the vehicle offers brilliant acoustic and thermal insulation with ergonomic seats finished in sturdy and stylish upholstery. This model boasts a darker coloured canvas and a softer bed with spring system, providing luxury comfort and leisurely sleeps in the roof section.


Lets you know when to take a break

The driver fatigue detection system, Rest Assist, is constantly monitoring the driver and detects deviation from normal steering patterns. This system uses both visual and acoustic warnings to let you know when to take a break- even if you don’t know it.

Your perfect adventure buddy

Whether you’re chasing sunsets, or experiencing the beautiful South African bushveld, the California is your perfect hotel on wheels. Equipped with all of the practical camping accessories, you will feel at home no matter where the road takes you.

Ready for an adventure

Built with a powerful engine output, the California 6.1 ensures that you are able to tackle any path you choose to adventure on. Ontop of this, the vehicle holds powerful 4MOTION capabilities – meaning that the California is the most off-road ready vehicle in its class.

Steer with ultimate control

Never be concerned about where your journey will take you, because you can always have full control. Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering as well as a height and longitudinally adjustable steering column give you complete control at all times.

Model Range


From R1 309 100