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The Golf

Volkswagen introduces the brand-new Golf. It’s finally here and ready to offer up everything and anything you need. The key to the future could be in your hand at this very moment. Choose the new Golf today, for a taste of tomorrow.

Back to the future

So many advancements have been made to the Golf that it looks and controls like a car of tomorrow. Cruise control can now adapt to the environment. The systems understand the mechanics of the surroundings and will tailor the auto-driving features to current events on the road. The touchscreen within the car is also responsive to simple motions of the hand, negating any aggravation. The new Golf is smart and stylish.

Always up to par

The new Golf models all offer up tip-top performance. From the GTI’s incredible acceleration to 100km/h in 6.4 seconds, to the Golf R’s superb racing engine, Volkswagen makes sure that you take control of the road. With looks to kill, and a range of glossy colours, the new Golf looks and acts the part of a phenomenal car. The new Golf will improve your driving with Blind Spot Monitors and up to date parking systems. All the information you need will be displayed to you on an easy-to-read digital display behind the wheel.