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The Polo Sedan

The VW Polo Sedan is the vehicle of a lifetime just for you, equipped with all the necessities needed to accommodate the way you want to drive. So, if safety, sleekness and accessibility are key elements you and your family are looking for, look no further than the Polo Sedan to check those and many more boxes.

Safety first

The Polo Sedan understands that the roads can be dangerous place, which is why the driver’s and passengers’ welfare comes first. The vehicle comes equipped with the latest braking technology, such as an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), ensuring the wheels can support any heavy braking. Alongside the updated technological precautions, the customary safety features are installed. This includes airbags and child-lock. All of this is combined to provide a protected, comfortable drive.

Smooth and spacious

Living up to its name, The Polo Sedan manages to provide a stylistic look whilst delivering all the room a family will need. With a 454-litre boot and four seats, any worries of space can be put to rest. The simple, yet beautiful design adds to the vehicle’s charm and splendour. Comfort and entertainment are a need the Polo Sedan successfully fulfils. The Comfortline models provide an easy and enjoyable listening experience with excellent speakers and effortless touchscreen controls. The Trendline models ensure an exciting experience with air-conditioning and USB inputs standard.