Meet the Transporter 6.1 Panel Van

Work smarter and harder

70 years ago, we were introduced to the very first Transporter as it rolled off the production line. This vehicle has set the standard for vans worldwide, and now, Volkswagen is back with the new Transporter 6.1 Panel Van.

This vehicle is built to get the job done, but with a redesigned interior, an innovative connectivity system and more space than you could imagine, you’ll soon fall in love with this van.


Whilst the Transporter 6.1 Panel Van has a lot to boast about, here are 3 amazing features:


The Transporter Panel Van is built with 2 amazing engine options with an intense power output range of 81kW and 110kW (DSG)


Our state-of-the-art driver assist systems are here to make your journey as smooth and as safe as possible. This includes Crosswind and Park Assist, Post-collision Braking System and a tracking system that alerts you about tyre pressure.

3.Driver Comfort

The Transporter 6.1 Panel Van is equipped with a fully adjustable steering wheel, driver’s seat with 4-way lumbar support, durable and robust new upholstery, newly designed dashboard and excellent all-round visibility transform the driving experience.

Are you ready to move big things?

With two powerful engine options, and an intense output range of 81kW and 110kW. To get you through the ups and downs in any journey, the Transporter Panel Van boasts all of the powerful capabilities you could wish for.

It’s time for you to focus on the road ahead- we’ve got your back.

Come to Southern Sea VW and test drive the Transporter 6.1 panel van, to transform your driving experience.

Model Range

Transporter 6.1 Panel Van

From R577 900