Transporter Crew Bus

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Transporter Crew Bus

They say there is power in numbers. The Transporter Crew Bus has both power and numbers. It’s in the

little things. And the big things. The Transporter Crew Bus offers your solution for them all.

More than enough

Leave no man behind with the impressive 11-seater capacity of the Transporter Crew Bus. Whether for business or pleasure, the versatility of the interior will come in handy with options to fold, double-fold or remove seats. Whichever configuration is needed, the rear seats are readily in reach with the Easy Access fold-down functionality of the seat backrests. With high-volume and intensive use in mind, the design has been improved with robust upholstery fabrics and sound-absorbing rubber flooring that is easy to clean to leave your Transporter Crew Bus pristine for every drive.

Reach anywhere with ease

The Transporter Crew Bus has the option of the trademarked 4MOTION all-wheel-drive to include the off-road in its domain. With the latest generation Haldex clutch now also included, the Transporter Crew Bus really is the full package. With the interior storage system optimised for everyday use your documents, sun-glasses, bottles and mugs are catered for, with an additional lockable glove compartment to keep your valuables safe. For even more convenience, the exterior mirrors are heated to clear them up on cold mornings.