Explore the Amarok DC V6 Range


Amarok Highline 165kW 4Motion auto 3.0TDI

from R9,150 per month

Interest Rate* 5.35%
Balloon Payment R245,790
Vehicle Price R819,300
Installments 72
Deposit 10.25%
Total Cost of Credit R904,590


Amarok Highline Plus 165kW 4Motion auto 3.0TDI

from R9,899 per month

Interest Rate* 5.51%
Balloon Payment R264,420
Vehicle Price R881,400
Installments 72
Deposit 10.33%
Total Cost of Credit R977,148


Amarok 3.0 TDI Canyon 4 Motion Auto

from R9,950 per month

Interest Rate* 5.67%
Balloon Payment R263,580
Vehicle Price R878,600
Installments 72
Deposit 10.26%
Total Cost of Credit R979,980


Amarok 3.0 TDI Highline 4 Motion Auto

from R10,399 per month

Interest Rate* 5.60%
Balloon Payment R276,570
Vehicle Price R921,900
Installments 72
Deposit 10.39%
Total Cost of Credit R1, 025, 298