Financial flexibility

Southern Sea Motors understands that with different customers, different financial situations are being dealt with. Money is in constant flux and must be spent wisely. Never far, because Southern Sea Motors is the place to go. We offer up a large volume of financial packages so that every one of our customers can find a comfortable price. We focus on bespoke financial services to satisfy you and your vehicle financing needs.

Grand deals

Do you need a vehicle for business purposes or for personal use? At Southern Sea Motors we offer you the best pricing deals, offers and specials on through personal financing or fleet solutions. You will always end up on the best side of the transaction with us.

We’ve got you covered

Thanks to our well-trained F&I team and responsive online services, you will be ready and set to go in no time. Financial matters are stress-free with us. Our financing services are made for everybody. We specialise in getting keys in hands.

Applying for finance

Please complete your details below and one of our Finance Consultants will be in touch to discuss your finance options with you.