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The Touareg

The new Touareg offers drivers an adventurous experience, with this top-performing, well-developed vehicle ready to take on the world. If you are searching for a car that puts the driver and passengers first, then the new Touareg is just the car you’re looking for.

Perfect performance

No matter which path you take, Volkswagen has developed a way for the new Touareg to suit your driving. The Touareg provides you with six varied modes that will accommodate the type of road you are driving on. Couple that with the powerful 3.0 V6 engine, and we have a powerful car that will never fail to perform.

High-tech inclusions

With the inclusion of new technology and outstanding design, the new Touareg creates a safe and easy method of transportation. Innovation Cockpit is a new addition that creates an easy way to control the command centre with nothing more than your own voice. Touchscreen technology is at its finest alongside various features and sensors developed to avoid any accidents or complications. Nothing feels better than sitting in the comfortable confines of the new Touareg. Comfort is king, and that is obvious when looking at the design of the beautiful seats, spacious interior and advanced air-conditioning. Both the Luxury and Executive designs offer an endearing interior.