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The Polo Vivo Hatch

Volkswagen introduces a brand new and welcoming car, that will change the way you look and drive on the road. With a variety of models to choose from, come to Southern Sea Motors today to test out the car that delivers on all fronts.

Polo vivo hatch

The looks and the personality

Is there any better feeling than stepping inside a car and feeling right at home? The new Polo Vivo Hatch wants to make you feel unstoppable. With the inclusion of smooth power steering, top of the line mirrors and up to date technology, the vehicle’s appearance is a modernised leap in the right direction.The car oozes personality, with its crisp interior and polished exterior.

Behind the wheel

Volkswagen will ensure that no worries need to cross your mind. The safety features, such as the airbags and ISOFIX mounting sections are all standard. With updated safety technology and secure build quality nothing has been left to chance. All will be safe and sound whilst traveling with the Polo Vivo Hatch. Driving the new Polo Vivo Hatch is a beautiful experience. Volkswagen has taken all the necessary steps to create a contemporary and energetic feel to the car. Classy seats, cruise control and fantastic suspension comes together to create an outstanding road experience.