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Variety galore

When it comes to used vehicles, we strive to provide you with a number of options ensuring you always have enough to choose from. We recognise that when purchasing a used vehicle, the more options, the merrier. At Southern Sea Motors we will not stop at anything to make sure you get what you are looking for. Your satisfaction is our purpose.

Nothing short of quality

Our range of VW used vehicles are approved and certified, meaning you will drive away with the next best thing to a new vehicle. With an approved and certified used vehicle, we assure you that it is in tip top shape and is worthy of your purchase.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions that need to be answered. Our qualified staff will fill you in on any further details you may request, making sure you have all the information you need.

80-point Technical inspection

Ensuring each Volkswagen has been thoroughly checked inside and out, every MasterCar undergoes an 80-point mechanical check.

• Balance of Volkswagen Automation Plan :

All new passenger Volkswagens are covered by a standard three year/120 000km warranty. In addition to a variety of service and maintenance plans that come standard on various models, optional maintenance and service plans as well as upgrades or extensions are available. All remaining time and/ or mileage on existing Automotion maintenance or service plans on Volkswagen MasterCars, is passed on to the new owner.

• 2 Year / Unlimited Warranty :

An optional 2-year/ unlimited kilometer extended Mastercars warranty offering similar coverage as our second and third year standard new car warranty is only available for Volkswagen passenger MasterCars.

• Full Service History :

MasterCars offer quality assurance as all MasterCars have a full service history backed by an authorised Volkswagen Dealer.

• Vehicle History Integroty Check :

Offering complete peace of mind, MasterCars checks and verifies the previous ownership of every vehicle.

• Mileage Certified :

This is MasterCars’ brand promise of peace of mind that the vehicle mileage has been checked and certified.

• Professional Vehicle Reconditioning :

As part of its brand promise, Volkswagen checks the condition of the vehicle’s body, paintwork and trim to ensure it meets MasterCars standards.

• 7 Day Exchange :

To ensure complete satisfaction, a customer has the right of exchange of their Volkswagen MasterCar for seven days and under 1 000km. The vehicle condition must be the same as when the customer took delivery when it is exchanged.

• 24-Hour Roadside Assistance :

Volkswagen MasterCars provides 24-Hour Roadside Assistance countrywide if customers are experiencing technical problems.

• Vehicle Customisation :

A range of Volkswagen accessories is available for purchase at the dealership to enhance your vehicle.