Meet The Team

Home away from home

None of the brilliant work done by Southern Sea Motors could ever be accomplished without the fantastic team that makes this machine run so smoothly. We strive to make our team members feel like a second family. We do this to achieve maximum quality, a hardworking, yet entertaining environment and a safe workspace. All of this adds together to create a great experience for you, our valued customer.

Behind the scenes

All the information pertaining to our team members can be found online. We want to create a sense of familiarity with our wonderful customers and this is one way we do it. At Southern Sea Motors we hire the best and most dedicated. Our team mentality is constantly improving. With specific goals, well-defined roles, communication and commitment, we at Southern Sea VW achieve excellence in mentality and management.

Our goal

Our goal as a team is to make sure we provide a service that we would appreciate as customers. The best outcomes are created when both the employees and customers are happy. The team at Southern Sea Motors makes sure to achieve this.