Explore the Amarok DC 4 Cylinder Range


Amarok Double Cab Comfortline 4x2 Manual

from R6,499 per month

Interest Rate* 5.32%
Balloon Payment R174,660
Vehicle Price R582,200
Installments 72
Deposit 10.44%
Total Cost of Credit R642,588


Amarok Double Cab Comfortline 4Motion Manual

from R7,299 per month

Interest Rate* 5.57%
Balloon Payment R195,570
Vehicle Price R651,900
Installments 72
Deposit 10.95%
Total Cost of Credit R721,098


Amarok Double Cab Highline 4Motion Manual

from R7,599 per month

Interest Rate* 5.66%
Balloon Payment R205,020
Vehicle Price R683,400
Installments 72
Deposit 11.66%
Total Cost of Credit R752,148


Amarok Double Cab Highline 4x2 Automatic

from R7,199 per month

Interest Rate* 5.54%
Balloon Payment R193,080
Vehicle Price R643,600
Installments 72
Deposit 10.93%
Total Cost of Credit R711,408


Amarok Double Cab Highline Plus 4x2 Automatic

from R7,899 per month

Interest Rate* 5.73%
Balloon Payment R212,280
Vehicle Price R707,600
Installments 72
Deposit 11.60%
Total Cost of Credit R781,008


Amarok Double Cab Highline 4Motion Automatic

from R7,850 per month

Interest Rate* 5.72%
Balloon Payment R210,210
Vehicle Price R700,700
Installments 72
Deposit 11.32%
Total Cost of Credit R775,410


Amarok Double Cab Highline Plus 4Motion Automatic

from R8,599 per month

Interest Rate* 5.88%
Balloon Payment R228,840
Vehicle Price R762,800
Installments 72
Deposit 11.36%
Total Cost of Credit R847,968