Nothing but Volkswagen

At Southern Sea Motors we pride ourselves in specificity and authenticity, which is why we create exquisite vehicles made with all original parts. Whatever parts you need, Southern Sea Motors will do all the heavy lifting for you. After filling in a simple enquiry form, we will place the orders, inform you of the price of the components and notify you of its quick arrival. You’ll be driving away in your newly upgraded car in no time.

The extra mile

Not only do we look to provide the essential parts, but we want your car to look the part of an amazing, fluid vehicle. Southern Sea Motors will provide beautiful interior and exterior accessories that will add a personal flavour to your driving.

The A team

We know what an important role our original parts play, which is why we have an equally important and dedicated team on the job. Our team excels in stocking, ordering and installing any parts to improve your vehicle. Memories will be made with your exclusive Volkswagen.

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