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Caddy Crew Bus

For your hard-working transport needs: the all-new Caddy Crew Bus. For the best in your business, choose the impressive new Caddy Crew Bus to take you even further.


Comfortable and practical

Leg-space will never be a problem with this spacious workhorse. Fit everything in its own spot with the addition of an extensive storage system including a roof shelf, pockets on the doors and, for the first time ever, double open glove compartments. Designed for rigorous duty, the impressive sliding doors and rear wing doors are built with the toughest and most durable components. Everything has been carefully selected for quality, down to the ergonomically designed seats with the option of extra robust upholstery fabric.

Easy on the eyes

Stand out wherever you or your business goes with the sharp contour lines of the Caddy Crew Bus. With the chrome strip on the grille and the striking headlight design, your vehicle’s front will match the handsome, redesigned back end. This beauty is not just skin deep. The refurbished cockpit and the aesthetic instrument panel go perfectly with the funky and functional steering wheel. Even the acoustic environment has been carefully designed to bring you the best driving pleasure in this industrial asset.