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Caddy Panel Van

With ample space to fulfil your logistics needs, the new Caddy Panel Van is up to any task. For the best

answer to your small to medium sized loads, look no further than the new Caddy Panel Van.


Functionality first

The Caddy Panel Van is designed first and foremost to give you a convenient and effective transportation tool. With six to eight lashing rings to secure your load and cab partitioning to keep your van neat and separated if needed, transporting goods has never been easier. With an impressive 3.2m 3 of load capacity that can be increased to a whopping 4.2m 3 for the Caddy Maxi Panel Van, you get more bang for your buck. The rubber flooring insulates your interior and dampens sound while also being easy to clean and durable. For specifically intensive implementations, the optional plastic protective layer fits perfectly to the ribbed floor surface and keeps your asset safe and sound through any trial.​

Convenience throughout

With years of experience in design, the access to your loading area is optimised for ease. With double rear wing doors and the windowless, roof-height sliding door on the front passenger side, you can easily get to those hard-to-reach places. Every hinge, latch and handle is designed with durability in mind for this industrial tool to rise to the challenge every time.